What would Jesus do? Or How did Jesus Live? Of course “What would Jesus do?” is a great question to ask in any situation. If we are going to spiritually in the place to ask the question, and more importantly answer it correctly, it’s important that we also ask “How Did Jesus Live?”

Some time ago I sat down a read through Mark’s gospel. I wanted to particularly notice what Mark had to say about the spiritual life of Jesus. I discovered that Jesus lived an intentional spiritual life, insisting on taking time out to be with the Father even in the context of busy and effective ministry, sometimes to the consternation of the disciples. I noticed that Jesus recognised the reality of weariness and was willing to take time out in order to rest. I noticed that Jesus too found that from time to time his space for retreat suffered intrusion. (Check out Mark 1:35-39, 6:31-34)

It’s the robustness of Jesus’ spiritual life that maintains the ongoing fruitfulness of his ministry. Jesus takes a time of retreat in Mark 1:35-39. Mark hints that the disciples were a little surprised to find him unavailable for ministry, but Jesus tells them that they must go on to preach elsewhere “for that is what I came for.”

Fruitfulness is not so much the result of strenuous activity as of rightly applied effort. Fruitfulness results not so much from hectic activity in the name of the Father as being about the Fathers business.

I find that I need to keep reminding myself that If Jesus needed to take time out to be with the Father then so do I. If Jesus needed to rest then so do I. If Jesus needed to be still and be clear on his sense of calling then so do I.

Do you want to be fruitful in the master’s service? Do you want to honour Jesus by asking WWJD? Then keep asking HDJL!


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