Some additions to eikon…

If you look to the right…

I’ve added a Google search facility to the page. Someone was kind enough to say that they thought eikon would be worth having as their home page if there was a search facility. After scratching around for a while, I found out how to do it and there it is. If you do want to make eikon your home page and you are using Internet explorer, click on the “Tools” menu at the top of the screen, select “Internet Options” and click “Use Current” in the Home page section.

I also added an Amazon search box a week or so ago. For the sake of transparency, here is the deal. If you buy stuff at Amazon and you do it through my site, Amazon pays me 5%. Obviously I’m not going to get rich if people buy a few books, but I will spend any income on eikon. For example, it would be easier to promote the site if it had a proper URL rather than but that kind of thing costs cash so…

Obviously if I was out to make money I would be recommending items of higher value like the rather excellent Nikon D70 which is the finest digital camera… Whoops!


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