It’s Good to revisit special places…


I’ve been preparing to preach elsewhere on Sunday, and I’ve been reminded that it is good to revisit special places. When I preach elsewhere I normally rework something that I’ve used before that has particularly gripped me. I guess I am reminded that it is good for the soul when we remind ourselves of those things that God has said to us in the past.

I think that it’s so easy in the swirl of life to move on from what God has said. I’ve blogged before about Israel piling up stones as they crossed the Jordan into the promised land. They set up a permanent reminder, a monument to God’s miracle working power.

It could be a place, as it was for Israel, it could be a scripture, it could be a sermon or a teaching or a book or….. it could be so many things. I think part of the importance of these special places is that they help us to recover direction in life.

I guess that the lesson is that too often we are too busy to stop and remember and reflect. I guess it disturbs me when revisiting a sermon from before, how much has been left behind and forgotten, and it’s good to remember…


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