OK But what should I memorise?

If you have decided that you need to memorise some Scripture then you might be thinking “But what?”

I thought I might share a few thoughts concerning what to memorise. I could give you a list, but perhaps it is better to make some suggestions as to the types of passage that can usefully be committed to memory. I would encourage you to look out for passages to memorise as you read the Bible. In no particular order, here are four ideas:

  1. Look out for and memorise truths on which to rest. God’s word is full of wonderful promises. As you read the Bible look out for the promises that speak to you. Memorised passages can be both a wonderful comfort and nurture for our faith.I’m given to worry about things from time to time and recently I was reminded of Isaiah 26: 3-4 You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock.”Memorized, a passage like this is not only a comfort when tempted to worry, but a reminder of the right attitude of faith.
  2. Look out for and memorise texts or passages that help you to battle against sin. Remember the gospel accounts of Jesus’ wilderness temptation? Matthew 4:1-11 tells how Jesus countered the very specific temptations that the Devil spoke to him. Three times the Devil speaks and each time Jesus replies with scripture quotations from Deuteronomy. Memorised Scriptures can be a great help to us in our daily battle against sin.
  3. Look out for and memorise texts or passages that describe who you are in Christ. Christians are gospel people. By this I mean that we are who we are because of the gospel. I believe that there is great importance in understanding who I am in Christ. I’m also aware that one of the Devils chief strategies in undermining God’s people is to undermine our gospel confidence. Memorised scriptures can help us to remember who we are in Christ. When we know who we are in Christ then we know the joy that empowers our Christian walk.
  4. Look out for and memorise texts or passages that describe Jesus honouring attributes and attitudes in which you need to grow. I have discovered that as I have memorised passages that describe an attitude or outlook in which I am lacking, and as I meditate on those passages, so I observe a change in my heart.I had always felt that I lacked a passion for mission, and one day committed Psalm 117 to memory. (I’m not boasting it is very short) I found that as I chewed over the Psalms passionate desire that all nations would “Praise the Lord” so I found that that desire was more present in me than it had previously been, and my heart began to resonate with the prayer of the Psalmist.

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