Sermons on Mark 1-8

I’ve been preaching through the first eight chapters of Mark’s gospel, and enjoying it! Mark has such a vision of the greatness of Jesus! Anyway, here are the mp3 files for the series. In order to listen online simply click on the link. If you want to download the files, simply right click and save the target to your computer.

Sermon 1: Mark 1:1-21. “Jesus: The kingdom of God is near”
Sermon 2: Mark 1:21-45 “Jesus: Amazing Authority”

Sermon 3: Mark 2:1-3:6 “Jesus: In conflict with religion” [Coming soon]
Sermon 4: Mark 3:7-35 “Jesus: Liar Lunatic or Lord?” [Coming soon]
Sermon 5: Mark 4:1-34 “Jesus: Teacher of parables”
Sermon 6: Mark 4:35 – 5:43 “Jesus: Above all earthly powers”

Sermon 7: Mark 6:1-29 “Jesus: Rejected prophet”
[Preached by Mat Wingrave]
Sermon 8: Mark 6:30-56 “Jesus: Miracle worker”

Sermon 9: Mark 7:1-23 “Jesus: Challenger of tradition”
Sermon 10: Mark 7:24-8:26 “Jesus: Miracles misunderstood.”
Sermon 11: Mark 8:27-38 “Jesus: Christ the Son of God”


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