Robert Murray M’Cheyne Bible reading plan and memory verses download.

I’ve spent a bit of time putting together a printable version of the excellent Bible reading plan by Robert Murray M’Cheyne. I’ve also included the Scripture memory verses which are almost the same as those recomended by John Piper’s church Bethlehem Baptist Church.

This Bible reading plan has been used by thousands of Christians across the world since it was compiled in the middle of the 19thCentury by the Dundee Minister Robert Murray M’Cheyne. Despite his early death in 1843 aged less than thirty years he already had a reputation for holiness and had earned the nickname “the saintly M’Cheyne.”

One of the great emphases of his short ministry was to encourage the members of his congregation to be avid readers of the Bible.

For those who use the plan in its entirety, the whole Bible will be read through in an orderly manner in the course of a year, the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice. In his original introduction, he reminded his congregation that If we pass over some parts of Scripture we will be incomplete Christians.

When he created the plan, M’Cheyne provided four readings for each day. Two he intended to be read in family worship and the other two in private worship. Many Christians have, however, used all four readings in private devotions. One of the beauties of the plan is that it can be used in a number of ways. For those who are new to a regular time of Bible reading I would suggest using the first two columns in year one and the second two columns in year two.For those who want to read through the Bible in a year, the readings in the first three columns will guide the reader through the whole of Scripture while ensuring that the daily “diet” of Scripture is varied.

Finally a word of practical advice for readers from M’Cheyne. He writes:

“Let our private reading precede the dawning of the day. Let God’s voice be the first we hear in the morning. Mark two or three of the richest verses, and pray over every line and word of them.”

The plan provided in this leaflet varies slightly from that originally penned by Robert Murray M’Cheyne. It is based on a very slightly amended version produced by D. A. Carson in his two volume “For the Love of God” published by IVP in the UK and Crossway Books in the United States. These volumes provide an invaluable guide for those who want to read through the Bible using this plan.

If you would like a copy of the plan I’ve posted a copy of it here.


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