I’ve Arrived…

Well I’ve arrived in Austria after an interesting trip! I arrived at Paddington at one o’clock this morning to be told that I the underground had finished for the night. So much for the through ticket sold me by First Great Western!

I’d been reading yesterday in Jerry Bridges “Respectable Sins” about the sinfulness of anxiety. He says:

“…when I give way to anxiety, I am in effect, believing that God does not care for me and that He will not take care of me in the particular circumstance that triggers my anxiety of the moment.” (Respectable Sins p64)
Being told that there was no way of getting a train to Heathrow in time for my flight gave me plenty of opportunity to put what I had read into practice!

Anyway I now know how to get from Paddington to Heathrow using the night bus service!

Arrived in Vienna in time for a rest before the Wednesday afternoon FCR prayer meeting called “Tower of God” I Shared a brief word from Jonah 2:8  “Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.” Then we spend some time praying for the world and the needs of the various refugees present.

I havn’t figured out how to get pictures onto the blog using the linux operating system of the eee pc yet, and it might have to wait until I am a little less tired!


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