Sunday Morning Worship with the FCR

This morning I worshiped with the FCR. N*n* asked me to lead worship. The FCR own a guitar – but no Capo – or plectrum. N*n* Junior had the excellent idea of making one from a phone card – which worked very well! I also spoke on Psalm 78. “…we will tell the next generation, the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done.”

The picture on the left shows Bibles in English, French, German and Russian ready for those coming to worship.

The local government have made a building available for the FCR to worship in which is a wonderful answer to prayer.

A number of refugees have been moved from the camp this week, and I was told that there would have been more present if that had not happened. There were about thirty of us, mainly Africans joined by a few Austrians and a couple visiting from England.

It was good to to be able to praise God together and thank him for his praiseworthy deeds.

The hall set up ready for Sunday worship.
The hall set up ready for Sunday worship.

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