Refreshing articles on the resurrection…

There seem to have been some good articles published in the press this Easter.

A.N Wilson in the Mail. Entitled “Religion of hatred: Why we should no longer be cowed by the chattering classes ruling Britain who sneer at Christianity”

Of the resurrection he says: “In the past, I have questioned its veracity and suggested that it should not be taken literally. But the more I read the Easter story, the better it seems to fit and apply to the human condition. That, too, is why I now believe in it.”

He also has an article in the New Statesman “Why I believe again”

HT. Dave Bish

N.T.Wright (Bishop of Durham) also wrote in The Times. His subtitle: “Christians must keep their nerve: the Resurrection isn’t a metaphor, it’s a physical fact”

I might not agree with the Bishop on justification, but I’d go with Adrian Reynolds comments in his post. (See below)

HT. Adrian Reynolds.


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