Free Speech? …

I can remember not so long ago standing with my kids in front of the houses of parliament. At the time the Iraq war was in full swing, and there were a number of anti-war protesters camped out across the road. I can remember being quite moved as I told my children how blessed they were to live in a country where you could do that. Where we were free to tell the government – and others – that you thought they were wrong.

The sad irony of course is… that that protest couldn’t happen today. Not so close to Westminster.

Now, I would best avoid party politics, but doesn’t “freedom of speech” matter? Isn’t that part of what it means to live in a “free” country? The phrase “freedom” is – sadly in my opinion already only meaningful in slightly ironic quotation marks. It may not be that long before it disappears all together.

As the video says “Lets be free to disagree.”

HT. Facing the Challenge via Homeward bound


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