The books I recommended at the Men’s breakfast…

image Recently, I spoke to a men’s breakfast and encouraged them to read good Christian books. As an example, I took along the following books…

Read Doctrine

"Knowing God" J.I.Packer. IVP.

A classic book that speaks of the wonder, glory and joy of knowing God.

Read Devotionally.

A call to Spiritual Reformation. D.A.Carson. Baker

A look at the priorities expressed in the prayers of Paul. Why are our prayers so different?

"You can Change" Tim Chester. IVP

Very highly recommended. A great book about Christian transformation happens through the gospel.

"Living the Cross Centred Life." C.J.Mahaney. Multnoma

Very highly recommended. A small book with a big message.

"When I don’t desire God… How to fight for joy." John Piper. Crossway.

The best book I know of on the devotional life of a Christian.

Read Old books

"Holiness" J.C.Ryle. Various and online

First published in 1887, a classic book on the nature of true holiness. Reads with surprising freshness today.

Read Christian Biography

The Journal of John Wesley. Various publishers and online.

An entertaining read and full of surprises. An edited volume would be the best choice. A fascinating introduction to one of the most significant figures in British Christian history.

Amazing Grace; The Life of John Newton. John Pollock. Lion.

John Pollock’s biographies make a great introduction to figures in Christian history.

Read for Effectiveness…

"The case for Christ" Lee Strobel, Zondervan.

Lee Strobel who was a legal editor with the Chicago Tribune looks at the credible evidence that Jesus really is the Son of God. Read for effectiveness in personal evangelism.


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