I think I’ll start blogging again

I’ve had the itch recently to start blogging again, and after winding up my very old steam powered laptop and, joy of joys, discovering that it still had my old WordPress password stored in the browser, I managed to recover my account.

I decided a fresh start demanded a new name, and so I settled on “Common place book.” Long before the days of Evernote and Onenote, many used a large leather-bound book and glue as a way of collecting assorted thoughts and clippings for future reference. My plan as I begin to blog again is to do it for the same reason, and invite anyone who is so inclined follow along as I think, write and observe.

I probably won’t be posting many links to my sermons as they are available for the web site of the church that I serve here.

I’ll leave all the old material on the site for now, but may set to and have a little spring clean at some point.



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