Things I found interesting today…

Here are Eight Tips for Beginning Preachers that I thought were helpful advice for anyone starting out preaching. I read with interest having written on the topic the other day. HT.

Here is an interesting cultural artefact. Keech Hospice Care are promoting “Dying Matters Awareness Week” and offer us this video on kids opinions about what happens when you die.

Oh that these kids would know this:

HT. Glen Scrivener

The Good Book Company have an interview with Rico Tyce. He says a couple of interesting things about evangelism in our culture. Here are two quotes:

“One way we can equip church members is by being honest with them that there is going to be some rejection when we speak about the Lord Jesus. Some people will respond with hostility, and others will respond with hunger.”

“…now more than ever Christians need to “go and tell,” because as our culture drifts further from its Christian heritage, people feel less comfortable coming to church events.”

He also explains why there is a new version of Christianity Explored coming up this year:

And finally a bit of satire! The Babylon Bee informs us that a Local Child is a staunch modalist after years of parents trinity analogies.


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