Things I found interesting today.

Kevin DeYoung offers 15 helpful alarm bell triggering signs of false teaching in “15 Discernment Diagnostics”

Here’s a video that stirred my heart today about the power of the Bible in India.

One of the most powerful things that is happening today that is causing us not only to be wide and everywhere but also to be deep and multiplying is the Word of God. There is nothing more powerful than introducing people to the Word of God.

On a related matters:

Barry Cooper asks: “What if you asked your non-Christian friend if they’d be willing to do Christianity Explored with you, one-to-one, one-by-one?” Here.

Tim Challies has an interesting blog post where he reflects on two kinds of preaching through the lens of his love of coffee! He tells us that friends used to try and get him to like coffee by adulterating it with sugar and cream and he never liked it. Then he tried it straight and loved it, the point being, that preachers can do the same thing with the Bible.

And finally, in the style of “The Screwtape Letters” comes a strategy for sabotaging a pastor by Jared Wilson at the Desiring God site.




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